One of the most interesting 3D models that I’ve had the opportunity to print is the Little Digger, a piece created by Joe Ethington in 2013. This innovative print is a 7-piece model that prints in place, creating a quick and easy fun toy for people to play with – and in the process, demonstrates some of the ways that you can create interesting or surprising prints.

In an upcoming series of videos, I’ll be breaking down how 3d printers work – specifically, fused deposition modelling 3d printers typically available in maker spaces and in people’s homes. I’ll be digging into the techniques for designing interesting 3d prints that the little digger demonstrates, specifically overhangs and bridging. And I’ll be literally taking the model apart using Tinkercad in order to demonstrate the pieces that make up this innovative print.

This teaser shows some of the guts of the Little Digger, and its fully movable, 7-piece print-in-place design. This print has been one of my favorites since I first made it more than 5 years ago, and in the process of tearing it apart, I’ve learned some interesting things about how it works that I’m excited to share!

The Little Digger was created by Joe Ethington, and is available on Thingiverse at .